Meet Iron Grandad

I’ve now reached the age where I can officially be branded a Baby Boomer. Upon further reading, I discovered that the average age for a man before he rolls over is 80 years. So I still have some good years of living left, but it got me thinking about my lifestyle. If I’m going to reach the average age I probably need to up the anti a bit. On the plus side, I’m in good health and not taking any medication.

My main form of exercise up until twelve months ago was just walking and playing Lawn Bowls. But having been a gym junkie over the years I decided to get serious and resume pumping iron. I also began playing Table Tennis and Pickleball to improve my cardio. Twelve months later I’m jumping out of my skin.

Being healthy and active in your older age has to be more enjoyable than simply existing in an armchair and nursing aching joints and tired muscles. Numerous ailments are waiting to attack the sedentary and unfit, including neck and back problems. Due to a lower muscle mass and higher fat content, elderly people are also prone to diabetes. Get up off your butt and start exercising.

Inside this website I’ve written a few pages and articles about pumping iron and other sports that are keeping me healthy and away from the doctor’s surgery. Anyone want to brew their own beer? Home brewed beer has no harmful additives. But be aware, home brewing is very addictive. Follow my journey 🙂 —>