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Medical Myths

Lies My Doctor Told Me: Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health
by Dr Ken D Berry MD FAAFP

Advice to avoid healthy fats and stay out of the sun has been proven to be detrimental to longevity and wreak havoc on your system. In this book, Dr. Berry will enlighten you about nutrition and life choices, their role in our health, the medical myths and lies, and how to begin an educated conversation with your doctor about finding the right path for you. Below I’ve written short extracts from the chapters. Scroll down to get this eye-opening book depicting all the medical lies.

Chapter 3: The Skinny On Fat
The Big Lie – Eating fat, especially saturated fat, leads to high cholesterol, obesity and heart disease. All experts, federal government agencies and academies eagerly repeat this medical lie.

Chapter 4: Your Bones Deserve Better
The Big Lie – Drinking milk is good for you and helps keep your bones strong. Virtually no research shows that drinking milk strengthens human bones.

Chapter 5: Is Cholesterol Really Your Enemy?
The Big Lie – High cholesterol levels in your blood are dangerous and increase your risk of heart attack. You should eat less saturated fat and take cholesterol medicine if your cholesterol level is above normal.

Chapter 6: Wheat Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be
The Big Lie – Wheat is a healthy food and is very good for your body. Everyone should eat multiple servings of whole-wheat foods every day.

Chapter 7: The Pyramid Of Food Lies
The Big Lie – The USDA Food Pyramid and MyPlate models offer the healthiest way to make food choices. If you follow them you will have better health.

Chapter 8: Exercise Is Great, But It Won’t Help Much With Weight Loss
The Big Lie – If you exercise more you will lose weight. Almost every doctor in the world will tell you this medical lie.

Chapter 9: Nuts And Seeds Don’t Cause This Problem
The Big Lie – Eating popcorn, nuts and seeds will either cause diverticulitis or cause diverticulitis to flare up. There is no scientific support for this medical lie.

Chapter 10: Will This Give Men Prostate Cancer?
The Big Lie – Giving testosterone to men causes prostate cancer.

Chapter 11: There Is More To Women Than Estrogen
The Big Lie – Menopausal women usually don’t need progesterone, and they definitely don’t need testosterone. If they need anything at all, they need only synthetic estrogen to control hot flushes.

Chapter 12: Viruses Laugh At Antibiotics
The Big Lie – Your runny nose, earache or cough won’t get better unless you take a course of antibiotics. If you take an antibiotic you’ll get over your runny nose, earache or cough more quickly.

Chapter 13: Salt Of The Earth
The Big Lie – Eating salt increases your risk of having high blood pressure, which increases your risk for heart attack and stroke. You should eat a low-salt diet as much as possible to prevent heart disease.

Chapter 14: All Calories Are Not Created Equal
The Big Lie – A calorie is a calorie, whether the source is birthday cake or broccoli. You can eat whatever you want as long as you limit your total calorie intake.

Chapter 15: Does Too Much Calcium Cause Kidney Stones?
The Big Lie – Eating or drinking too much calcium can lead to kidney stones. Many people on the street and some doctors will repeat this medical lie as truth.

Chapter 16: Your TSH Is Normal So Your Thyroid Is Fine
The Big Lie – TSH (thyrotropin stimulating hormone) is all you need to have checked to find out whether your thyroid is functioning normally.

Chapter 17: If You Don’t Have Rickets, Then Your Vitamin D Is Normal
The Big Lie – You get enough vitamin D from your diet.

Chapter 18: Breast Mild Doesn’t Contain Everything A Newborn Needs
The Big Lie – Human breast milk is deficient in vitamin D.

Chapter 19: God Made The Sun, And God Made You
The Big Lie – Exposure to sun causes skin cancer.

Chapter 20: Fiber Is Necessary For A Healthy Gut
The Big Lie – Fiber is good for you, and you should get as much fiber in your diet as possible.

Chapter 21: Eating Red Meat Causes Cancer
The Big Lie – Red meat is not good for you and eating more than a single small serving daily will increase your risk of colon cancer or increase your cancer risk overall.

Chapter 22: You Must Eat Lots Of Carbohydrates To Fuel Your Brain
The Big Lie – You must eat plenty of carbohydrates each day, or your brain and other body parts will not have enough energy to function properly.

Chapter 23: Grilling Meat Causes Cancer
The Big Lie – Eating charred meat cooked over an open flame will increase your risk of colon cancer or increase your risk of cancer overall.

Chapter 24: Eating Processed Meat Causes Cancer
The Big Lie – Processed meats such as bacon, sausage, bologna and hot dogs contain high levels of nitrates which will cause you to have cancer.

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